Who We Are.


Author-Management was formed some years ago as a boutique literary agency by the successful author James Rouch. That function ceased recently. In its place was developed an appraisal and guidance service for new authors to help them launch into the publishing business by making their novels, short stories and autobiographies as attractive to publishers and agents as is possible.

The literary agency side of the business closed because James is no longer able to dash around the book fairs and between publishing houses as he has had a leg amputated. Personal contact is vital for an agent, to maintain those important face-to-face relationships, and the disability has proved to be quite restricting.

As a successful novelist with in-depth trade knowledge he is in a unique position to help authors work towards publication. So Author Management has now become a specialist literary company dedicated to helping authors produce good quality saleable books and avoid the pitfalls, so hard to avoid, when approaching agents and publishers.

While functioning as a Literary Agent James received a great many pleas for help from aspiring authors. A sample of the thanks he received for that assistance can be seen in Clients' Comments.


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