What We Do.


James Rouch at Author Management offers carefully considered constructive criticism and guidance for authors of fiction, short stories and autobiography. You can be certain that your manuscript will benefit from scrutiny by a highly experienced publishing-trade professional.

Most important will be a detailed and sometimes painfully honest examination of your story-telling and characterization. Flaws in logic and persistent weaknesses in grammar, punctuation, layout and spelling will be brought to your notice. Every page will receive the same meticulous attention.

Where it is warranted there will be genuine praise and if the spark of real talent is identified you will be given strong encouragement.

With all that will come guidance on creating the best possible synopsis and advice on how to present your work to editors and agents in order to grab their attention. Your aims and ambitions will be realistically assessed and questions on any aspect of the trade will be answered.

It is impossible without viewing a manuscript to estimate the number of pages that will comprise our report but it has never been less than twenty and in an extreme case for a 130,000 word manuscript totaled 52 pages!

Doubtless you have already invested many months, perhaps years, in writing your novel, collection of short stories or autobiography. Because of that hard work and dedication you should make sure you have the best chance of your manuscript being accepted. The book trade is a ferociously competitive business, notoriously intolerant of mistakes or poor quality. Literary agents will return a manuscript unread, reducing their workload, if your submission fails in presentation or does not appear to be of a high standard. Make certain yours is the submission that grabs them and holds them until they reach for a contract.

* * *

Much as I would like to, I cannot guarantee you will be published. What is offered is an in-depth look at what you have written, judged by a successful author with broad experience of the trade. It must enhance your chances of getting in to print.

Author Management has always set the very highest standards in client privacy. Your details will never be divulged to a third party; you will not be put on any mailing lists.

Please note. With regret the following cannot be accepted. Poetry or non-fiction other than autobiography, also stage, film or radio scripts. Also we cannot accept books for very young children but we can take on those aimed at the pre-teen and young teenage market.


We are happy for people to reproduce pages on this site for their own use. If it is for commercial purposes please ask us first.