Clients' Comments.


The following are copies of emails sent to James Rouch,
Literary Agent, at Author Management by aspiring
authors, who although unsuccessful in their bid to
be accepted as clients, still received free help and
advice with their manuscripts and correspondence.

Most of them are simply the complete email, with only
the senders surname deleted. Where editing has
occurred it is to remove personal detail in line with
our very strict privacy standards. Nothing has been
taken out of context.


Dear James, I just wanted to say thank you for that incredible note! I am in awe that you took the time to respond and with such valuable suggestions. I'm saving the information you've provided to refer to as a guide, and to incorporate it into the polishing of my promotional work. Thank you again! I truly appreciate that more than you know. Have a fantastic week! Kevin


Dear Mr. Rouch, I just wanted to thank you for your very kind, and wise, advice. I've had many academic articles as well as two textbooks published but I'm completely uninitiated in dealing with fiction representation. Again, I appreciate the attention you gave my query. Sincerely, Matthew


Hi James I wanted to let you know that my Writers' Circle was VERY impressed by the detail and abundance of information and assistance you gave me. I have to be honest, your encouragement is what keeps me going at times! Sandi


I cannot describe my admiration for your commitment to my work. You most certainly far surpassed my expectations; good value for money would be an understatement. Your critique was painful, at 18,000 words it brought home the fact that my work fell far short of what would be expected by a publisher. Yet, it opened my eyes to such an extent, I find myself aware of many other instances which require editing.


Hi James

I wanted to let you know that my Writers' Circle was VERY impressed by the detail and abundance of information and assistance you gave me. I have to be honest; your encouragement is what keeps me going at times!




I'm so happy and I thank you yet again. They loved it from the synopsis on...but your wise suggestions for the first three chapter rewrites was what it needed.

I am blessed in life. You are one of those blessings.



JAMES! They are offering to sign me! I am over the moon.
You're the first I had to share with and the sad thing is I got this right as I started my day gig and I am stifling in here and just need to RUN and JUMP and LAUGH!!!!
Then read the contract! OMG! The offer is in my other email program and I can't forward but I did cut and paste the mail...
HUGE HUGS to you for your FAITH and HELP and genuine wonderful friendship and wisdom, You RAWK!
HUGs me


Dear James,

I just wanted to say thank you for that incredible note! I am in awe that you took the time to respond and with such valuable suggestions. I'm saving the information you've provided to refer to as a guide, and to incorporate it into the polishing of my promotional work.

Thank you again! I truly appreciate that more than you know.

Have a fantastic week!



Dear Mr. Rouch,

I just wanted to thank you for your very kind, and wise, advice. I've had many academic articles as well as two textbooks published but I'm completely uninitiated in dealing with fiction representation.

Again, I appreciate the attention you gave my query.




Thank you James. I understand. Very grateful for
your response and encouragement


Dear James,

I am extremely grateful to you for reading and
commenting on my work.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


Dear James,

Thanks a lot for your detailed and helpful reply
to my literary agent inquiry. If things change
for you down the road, keep me in mind. I could
use an honest, detailed man like you working for me.

Hope you get well soon.




Dear James

Thank you for taking the time to reply and
we're sorry to hear that you
haven't been well.

Thanks for your advice and encouragement -
we'll keep you posted if we get

With very best wishes

Simon and Jo.


>Dear James Rouch,
Thank you so much for your kind response.
Let me say that your
"rejection" was an absolute gem! How can
one feel badly after a letter
like that? Thanks again for your time,


Mr. Rouch:

I am sorry to hear that we will not have
the chance to do business together;
but I very much appreciate your speedy
response and your thoughtful honesty.

Best wishes!


Dear James,

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my query.
I appreciate
your advice.




Dear James,
Firstly i apologize for my approach and not reading
your website thoroughly.
It is very nice of you to take the time to reply even if
it was a refusal but so kindly done.
Thanking you once again.
Yours Sincerely


Though you have revealed your inability to help me
due to your heavy load of work, I do sincerely appreciate
your prompt response to my query and also your sincerity
and commitment towards your clients. Thank you. May
God bless you.
With regards,


Thank you Mr. Rouch.

Your'e right. I can see that. I will do my homework. I have
printed this and will follow your guidlines to the best
of my ability.Thanks for your help.....I really do appreciate
it. A little help goes a long way. It's nice to know there
are people willing to lend a hand.

Thanks much again.



Mr. Rouch,

Thank you so much. It takes so much time and
research to figure out how to send a query, I
overlooked some simple points.
The suggestions you made make very good sense,
and I will re-write my query

Thanks again,


Thank you for replying, I will be praying for you
to have a success in
whatever direction you are lead to go. Resa


I again thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi James,

Thank you very much for responding anyways!
Hope things continue to go
fantastically with your existing clientele.

Sincerely, Marta
Thank you for the beautiful letter you returned to me.
You are the most polite person I have encountered in
this business. I wish you many great blessings.

Take care,



Thank you for writing personally, and for the kind
words. Yes, I should be a
plum for somebody!

Best wishes



James -
Many thanks for your email. It's encouraging and
refreshing to get such a considered response.

Thanks also for the advice - patience and perseverance
are my watchwords! One question in closing:
Would you take this on if you didn't already represent
a similar author?
Kind rgds


Hi James,
Thank you very much for the fast response. I understand
and keep trying.

Kind regards and all the Best for the New Year.



Hi - Many thanks for info. Ralph


Hello James,

Thank you for your very prompt response. Naturally
I am disappointed that you are unable to take on new
clients at this time. I will go to your web site from
time to time in case the situation changes. In the
meantime, thanks for the encouragement and I will
certainly persevere!


Dear Mr. Rouch;

Thank you for your kind and swift note. I did read
your website, but
hope springs eternal!

I hope you have a nice weekend.


Thank you very much for a prompt and polite response.
I respect your present
commitments. If in the next few months if I have not
found an agent, I might
just check with you to see if the you could shake a stick
at my manuscript.



Thank you for your prompt response. As an
author I certainly appreciate your sentiments in
regards to maintaining your standards of service to
existing clients.

Wishing you all the best.


Mr. Rouch,
Thanks for the reply. I commend you on your devotion
to your clients and hope I am fortunate enough to find
representation that will do the same for me. Any advice
on referrals would be appreciated.


Dear James,
Well, I certainly appreciate what time you did give me
and all your advice. I wish you the best health possible.
Sincerely, Candace


I really appreciate the comments, and the obvious time you
took for the response. In a world
filled with one-line yes and noes, it was a pleasant surprise.
I wish all the best with your current client list.

I hope you'll let me know if a space opens in your stable.

Wishing you great success in the new year,

Hello again James,
I regard any speedy and polite reply as being of great
help. I knew it might
be a bit of a long shot, but the site was good and
the sentiments were
right. I guess it's simply a case of being in the right the wrong
time. And of course I fully understand and wholeheartedly
agree with your
desire to keep standards high. Very refreshing.

Thank you.

Sincerely. Bryce


Mr. Rouch,

Thanks for the reply, it feels great getting such a fast
response. Also I
love the way you treat your clients, even though I currently
am not one of
them, I totally understand how you don't want to overwhelm
yourself with
paperwork. Also, the hints and tips will deffinetly help me
out, and would
like to say thank you. This is my first time dabbing into
the world of
writing and so far you have made it a warm one. If by
chance your client
window opens, your company has already won me
over by the way you treat even
the most unknown writer. Thanks again sir, and I hope
you have a good



James, my thanks for your time, effort and energy in your personal response,
I truly appreciate it. If I could beg your indulgence for another moment,
may I ask: do you happen to know of any agents who would be interested
in a ripping mystery?

My thanks in advance,

Your humble servant,

James J


Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply.

Best wishes,



Hello James,

Just a note to thank you for your well worded rejection,
which made me feel that I had accomplished something.
You are very kind!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year.




I guess I need an agent who is as revolutionary, when
it comes to communication, as I am. And while you
may not be the one to overlook my literary deficiencies
for the sake of my message, I am grateful for your e-mail.
It was communication. It felt darn good to read it.
Best wishes,

Dear Mr. Rouch,

It is a pity the material I sent you was not up to the task of
persuading you to read the entire manuscript. I thank you,
nevertheless, for taking the time to evaluate it and provide
me with such an honest and detailed opinion. I commend you
for your kind honesty and take heart in the fact that it appeared
your decision was a close call. I am working on a second and, I
believe, likely more saleable novel. Perhaps, when I'm further
along, we will have reason to do business, again. Thanks and

all the best. Sincerely, Ole.


Dear Mr Rouch - Thanks for your courtesy in taking the
time to respond with grace. That's a rare commodity in
your profession. Don't lose it. Regards, Stephen

G.W. Stephen
Dear James Rouch,
Thank-you for your prompt response and kind words.
Yours truly,
V.S. Guet

Dear Mr Rouch,

Thank you for your prompt and kind response. I
really appreciate the
information from you and certainly will continue
to visit your web site.
Hopefully, in the future, we may correspond
again. I wish you and your
authors every success.

Best wishes,


Many thanks for taking the time to provide me with
feedback on my submission. Traitors Gate is very
much a work in progress. A project with as yet,
no completion date.

I found your comments most beneficial and your
suggestions will be incorporated into both the
piece and in future submissions.

Once again, many thanks.

Regards, Frank


Great advice, on all counts. I'm familiar with the
waiting phase. I finished my first book (of seven)
in 1991 and have been trying to get published
ever since. You sound like a terrific agent.
When and if you get an opening, I'd sure appreciate
an e-mail.

All the best,

Once again many thanks, I take it as a compliment
that you bothered to even
respond to my request for comments, and appreciate
the time.

Best wishes for the future, and I will keep in touch
when The Hooligan's
is accepted after rewriting.. That's positive.



Thank you for returning my e-mail. You didn't have
to do that - it was nice of you and says a lot about you
and your organization. Your words of encouragement
were appreciated.

Best regards,


Once again, thank you for your help; it has been
very gracious of you to take the time and I have
enjoyed communicating with you.

Best Regards

TB Bear


Dear Mr Rouch,
Thankyou so much for your help. It was lovely to speak
to a pleasant person. I feel so much better about the
whole thing. Sorry for doubling your work. I sent the
email first then decided to phone. I'll keep checking
the web site to see if you have any room on your list.

Hello James

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate
you taking the time to
read my submission. It is unfortunate that you
are unable to represent
me at the present time. However, I am very
grateful to you for the kind
words of encouragement you have offered
me. I have only just started to
look for an agent and I understand the long
slog I may have in front of
me. Few people have read any part of The
Creator - Rigobare and it is
nice to get some positive feedback from
someone involved in the
publishing trade. I at least feel that I am not
wasting my time.

Kind regards



Dear James Rouch,

I just wanted to thank you for such a kind and
thoughtful message. I have
been trying to get an agent for years, and this
is the first time someone
has shown such consideration. As I'm sure you
are aware, the publishing
industry has its share of rude people, so it's
refreshing to run across
someone as kind as you.

Thanks again and best wishes to you,

Many thanks for the useful advice from the trade's
perspective. It does seem at times that the author
is in the trench. This advice will be stuck to the
wall in front of my computer!

Kind Regards

I have continued my revising, and yes, it seems quite
miraculous that someone wanted to look at things in
that "raw" state. As to state of mind, I had not typed
the final paragraphs of the draft dealing with Robert's
death and burial and as I did so my hands shook. But
then there is the postpartum "empty desk" feeling,
which I have reacted to by plunging into the revision.
I have the overall impression you were able to guide
me through the process with great skill. Thank you.


Hi James,

Many thanks for the thoughtful reply. I'm especially
appreciative of your advice concerning the query letter -
first time anyone's ever given feedback on the query.
I'd initially made mention of the earlier work because I
was revisiting agents who had read the previous
manuscript, or at least pieces of it, and I thought I'd
be honest on the offchance they remembered me!
Looking at it from your point of view, though, I'll definitely
take to it with a red pen.


Mr. Rouch,

Thank you so much for such a warm and personal reply.
I regret that Author Management is not taking on new
clients at this time (although I offer my
congratulations on the inference that business must be
good!) but I cannot express how much I appreciate your
taking the time to let me know.

I'll keep an eye on your website, and will strive to
contact you again when you're looking for
clients...because I've already discerned that your's
is exactly the kind of agency I'm looking for.

Thanks again, and best wishes,


Good afternoon James, I appreciate your
prompt and informative response to my
query. You are the type of agent I would
love to be associated with. Please consider
contacting me if your client list ever thins out.

Dear Mr. Rouch:

Even though your reply to my query was disappointing,
I do appreciate its promptness and courtesy.


Thank you very much for your frank and very kind words.
I must say that I found it very encouraging and it is
vastly appreciated. Those who are your clients are very
lucky indeed!



Thank you so much for your reply, and especially for your tips
in submitting my queries.


Thank you - that was the kindess rejection I ever
You are certainly an agent with a heart.
Hi James,

From a beginner that is desperate to learn how to do it "right".
Thanks sincerely for your great advice and wishes. Much
appreciated. Much luck to you too!.

I want to close by thanking you again. You have been
very kind and courteous throughout the entire process. If any
of my other books appeal to you, please feel free to contact me.
The quality of my writing got much better with each book.
Thanks again for your comments.


Dear Mr Rouch,
Many thanks for your time.
I will consider the contents of your reply very carefully
before doing
anything further.
Maybe, hopefully, we will be in contact again in the
Once again, many thanks.


Dear Mr. Rouch;

You indeed are gracious to take the time to comment
in detail on my submission to you. Would that more
editors/publishers would do the same


E. Anthony [ Tony
Thank you for all your assistance. It has given me a lot of
encouragement to persevere.


James, now I wish I could be one of your clients,
you're toooo nice, thanks again for all the information,
I'm sure it will help me alot. All the best with your own
work. I do hope we cross paths again. Jennie.
Dear James,

Thank you for your courteous and prompt reply - many of
your colleagues could take a much needed lesson from you.

Kind Regards,

Hi James,

Thank you very much for your efforts. They are greatly
appreciated. I wish you the very best, and hope that
one day I can tell you the news about Little Red.


Thanks for reminding me to stay positive!

Dear Mr. Rouch,
I'd like to thank you for your kind advice.
I will follow it the next time I submit to any
other agent. Best wish for your you and business.

Dear James Rouch,
thank you for the timely and professional response.
Most agents that turn down a project limit themselves
to a line or two of an answer, and thus your effort
complements you.
If in the future you find a space in your agenda for
another entry, consider me. It is a chance to take.

Sincerely yours,


thanks for the attention and the nice letter.


Dear James:

Thank you for your kind reply, I have received few
as polite as yours. There was no problem at all, it is
just another step along this journey I am on.



Dear Mr. Rouch, Thank you for taking the time in
reviewing my submission. I understand that like
readers, agencies have preferences in the materials
they choose and not everything fits every time. Your
words of encouragement are a great morale booster. I
hope you have a great year of best sellers.

All my best, Jim


Dear Mr. Rouch:

You said "on or before the 30th" and you are true
to your word. Thank you for your comments. Of course
I am disappointed, but, c'est la vie. Thank you again.


Thank you so much for your advice. I know
how busy you must be. It was very kind of
you to take the time to personally answer
my query. Being a new writer I gratefully
accept any help sent my way. You might
notice that I have already made the
change for my future queries.
Once again thank you and much luck in your
own future,

Dear Mr, Rouch,

Thank you very much indeed for your very detailed and
honest E-mailed reply referring to my letter and manuscript.

Your comments are much appreciated in relationship
to the development of my writing.

Yours Sincerely,


Hi James,

You have a gift - I find myself thanking you for
turning me must be the nice way you
do it! Well I've tried twice now so I won't inflict
any more on you, but I do wish your agency huge
success - with your approach, it deserves it.

Best wished...tinged with regret that I got nowhere
with my 'first choice agent'.



Thank you for the courtesy of your good advice. I didn't
mean to hedge by not declaring my ending, I was just
nervous to say that I didn't have one yet.
I'm sorry that you can't help me as you seem very
sympathetic, however, thank you once again,


Dear Mr. Rouch:

Thanks so much for your honesty and your time. Have a
wonderful summer!



Hallo James,

thanks for the quick response anyway! At least your
authors seem to have got an agent who looks after them!

Thanks again,

Thank you James, for your time and quick response.
It is always a pleasure to deal with someone who's
on top of their game, I wish you continued success
and I appreciate your time and honesty. Please, visit
my website, then refer all the sports and art lovers in
your life there, I am sure they will enjoy their visit.
Thanks again,

Thank you so much! I truly appreciate you words
of wisdom. I noticed that it had pulled out sentences
that had that repetition and it made me nervous
sending it to you like that. However, I will correct
this defect and proceed to try and find an agent.

Thanks so much once again. You have been a true
and genuine help.



Thanks, James, for your consideration. I do have
another novel that I'm working on now that may
better suit your agency's needs in future. I'll
definitely pitch it to you once it's ready. Until then,
thanks again for your reply, and good luck.



Thank you, James....the way you operate is so brilliant.
I'd love you as an Agent, but of course I know
that saying so won't alter your view, whatever
that turns out to be. But, regardless of the
outcome, you do need to be told how
refreshing your kind and efficient approach is!
Thank you so much, dear James! You have
been really nice to me. I know how busy you
must be, and I appreciate very much the
time and attention you spent so kindly
explaining to me about the market. I
will follow your advices as a great reminder.
Best Wishes Indeed!



Thank you very much for your thoughtful,
personal response. If you ever change
your mind and wish to take on another
client in this market, feel free to drop
me a line. I wish you and your current
clients all the best.

Dear James,

Thank you so much for your very kind and
thoughtful reply! I am so pleased - and
touched - that you took the time and effort
to give me such a gracious response. If one
must be rejected this is surely the best way
for it to happen.

Best of luck to you and those fortunate enough
to be represented by someone so committed
and positive! And if you ever know of an
agent who might be appropriate for my work,
please feel free to pass my information along.

Thank you very much - you made my day.......


Thank you for your note, which is the most
intelligent response I have yet received -
and, frankly, expect to receive -- in my current
trawl round promising agents. Brian


Dear Mr. Rouch,

I appreciate your kind, and honest, words. I have
just received my ms back from a professional
editor who has given me some very valid
(and valuable) criticisms - as well as some
great ideas for changes. So, hopefully I can
spice the sauce just right and tempt somebody
to dig in with me!

Thank you so much for your time and I wish
you health and success for your future.




I really want to thank you for expressing your
thoughts and
have create a "monster" in the states!!!

Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

Kind Regards,


Wow! What a nice thing to do. You took time to check
a website and say encouraging things to someone you
don't even know. Thank you. If you give this kind of
service to a non-client, I can imagine the type of
dedication you give to your clients. They are
fortunate, indeed

Hi, Thanks for taking a look and for your
kind response. - Roger
Thank you for your sweet rejection.

Hi James,
I appreciate your thoughtful response to my submission.
Thanks, and good luck in all your endeavors.


Dear James: Thank you so much for your help!
Sincerely, Alice
Cheers, James. I honestly appreciate the
work you do and I thank you again
> for your courtesy and help. You are
a credit to the profession and, even
> though I am ever so slightly envious
of the authors you do represent, I wish
> you and them every success.
> Sincerely Yours,
> Kirsten M. >

Thank you for the prompt reply and for
keeping such a high standard of
service to authors. I wish more agencies
out there were like yours.

Hello Mr. Rouch,

Thank you for your advice and time spent
on trying to help me. I really appreciate it.


Once again I must thank you for the highly
professional and friendly attitude you have
displayed towards me and I can only say
that I shall speak of you highly whenever I
discuss literary agents in the future.
> Yours sincerely
> Kirsten

Thank you for your kind words. Although
I am disappointed in your decision, I
would like you to know how impressed I
am by the way you handled my query.
I wish all agents were as organized and
compassionate as you.


Thank you for the courteous reply, Mr. Rouch.
It is very much appreciated.

Mr. Rouch,
Thank you very much for your time and
courtesy. I
will let you know about any future projects.


James....Thank You...See this is why I hope to someday
be a client of yours...Honesty goes a long way with me
and yes, even if nothing comes of our discussing things
further..I will "remember" what you said...I am a fair
person and know my work is marketable..I just wanted
to deal with one firm....and one firm alone....No matter
if they just took a Novel at a time.....Thank You,.Again .
You are well respected in "My Book.".......I have a friend
Dick **** who unfortunately does only Historical works...
He owns and operates ********** Books in
South Carolina.....who advises me only on the finer points
of my novels ..he suggested I start looking for an agent
now........I will tell him I have at least had the pleasure
of meeting an respectable agent in my search.....
Sincerely, Nancy


Hi, Mr Rouch.
OK, I understand, and I appreciate your time constraints,
especially as I too operate under similar conditions.
Thank you
for your detailed replies to my queries and requests,
and for your
sound advice.
I shall revert to you as soon as the novel is completed.
With Warm Regards and Best Wishes,
Dear James,

Thank-you for your comments, and for your time
taken looking at my work.

Your advice has been taken on board and is
greatly appreciated.

May I wish both yourself & your company
much success for the future.


Thank you very much for that feedback, Mr. Rouch.
It is appreciated, and I
will absolutely consider each of your critical
comments / suggestions.

All the best to you.



Thank you for your refreshing honest and frank
reply. It really does
mean a lot to me to have such a reply.

Regardless of whether or not you become
interested in my work, I want you to
know that the reason I submitted the text to
Author Management is because I
was very impressed with your web-site and
the overall tone of your message
to prosepctive clients. Additionally, the
information you provide is very
helpful to individuals in my position.

So, for what it's worth, thank you.



Dear James,

Many thanks for 'having a look'. I'm sorry that
'The Naked Emperor' wasn't suitable, but I
would like to briefly comment on your approach -
confirming delivery and giving an accurate response
date etc - which I found very refreshing, indicating
integrity and a real concern for writers - very pleasantly
unusual, but then you are a successful writer, so
I suppose that I shouldn't really be surprised;
even so, it was very refreshing.

Thank you for your speedy and polite reply.
It is greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes,

Dr. M.J.
Thank you for the time and courtesy to write back
Dear James,

I'd like to thank you for your kind attention to
my work and your
complimentary opinion of my writing.

I have perused your letter carefully, and what
you say about finding a
publisher for historical fiction makes sense.

It's true that patience and perseverance are the
cornerstones of success
once a work is finished. The important thing for
me was to know that
what I have written is worth those patience and

You have reassured me in my intention to go
on, and I am very grateful
to you.

I wish you the best of luck in your business and

Yours truly,

Hi, Mr. Rouch! Thanks for taking the time to
seriously read PLESIOSAUR.
I appreciate your comments very much.
See you in future. Roger


James: I appreciate the time you've taken to
consider this manuscript and the feedback
you've offered. Most of all, I appreciate
your honesty.

I do have a couple of recent bites of interest
here in the states, so I'm feeling hopeful.


Thank you again for taking a look at my work. I realize
it is a bit "different" that the usual suspects on the shelf,
but I consider that its strength. It's true that the war may
flavour what gets printed and what doesn't in the near
future. I hope the war does not shadow the pain people
suffer on a chronic basis. Unfortunately, war or no war,
many people's pain and discomfort goes on.

Thanks again. I wish you the best in everything. You've
been delightful to meet and talk to.

Warm regards,



Mr. Rouch,

Thank you for your speedy response to my query e-mail.
This is the fastest an agent or a publisher has gotten
back to me. I appreciate it.



Dear Mr.. Rouch

what an incredibly kind person you are.......I
can't believe you take the
time to reply....especially since there seem
to be some very illucid
cyber-stalker knuckleheads lurking out
there trying to peddle their
personal war and peace to anybody with
e-mail and a desk.

you were, of course, a great long shot
but as you seemed so

I know this book is a tough sell and my
writing is quirky anyway. And I'll
never make a bazillion dollars.
But somebody will buy it.......probably
somebody who's secretly buried in
rags and bags and newspapers and old
rolls of tape and who's fallen and can't get up .
my kinda guy.

Really,thanks again for you time.
and..... I actually know of a place where no
good deed is EVER punished.
sincere good wishes,



it is a weird world. I think your answering your
emails personally and
right away is the most ingratiating thing about

You'd be a joy to work with James. Please email
me immediately if your
situation changes to where you can take on
another Literary Fiction


Dear Mr. Rouch:

Thank you anyway for giving it so much thought;
it's appreciated!



Dear James,

A sincere thank you for your comments. I understand
how busy agents and publishers are and how difficult
it must be to find the time to reply in detail. Glad
to read your opinion, even though the twain have not
met this time. This is the kind of rejection authors
who've literally put their life and soul into their
work hope for.


Dear James:

I understand completely. Thank you for your reply and
your explanation. It's gratifying to hear that you find
my concept useful--that's more than enough to keep me going!

Best Regards,
Thank you for your criticism. I appreciate the fact
that you took the time to read my sample and offer
instruction. Sometimes I let my mind wander to
much when I write. I am also a huge fan of
run-on sentences.

Much appreciation,


Thank you very much for reading the poems that I
sent you and I really appreciate the comments that
you made! I shall try writing in a less flamboyant way.

I am sorry about the spelling errors I had checked them
on the spell check and had got someone elso to proof
read them for me (as I an Dyslexic) but I shall
obviously have to have to by my Mum some glasses!

Once again thank you very much for the
advice and encouragement it truley means alot!

Thank you



Dear James,
I want to thank you for all explanations. So far you were
the friendliest and the most helpful agent. I would love
to work with you. If I understood you correctly, you do
not want to take a chance with my books. Are you sure?
Would you like me to send you a copy of a book?
You see, I am one of very few Russians, who
writes in English. May be it worth something.

Thank you for informative and patient reply. I appreciate it.
Best regards,
Dear Mr. Rouch,

Thanks for your prompt and congenial reply
(even though it was a no, your no
was a pleasant one).

Best Wishes,


I have taken your response to my e-mail to heart
(no pun intended), and have vanquished the
'dismals'. The rocking chair is in the fire.
The thirteen or so rejection slips have joined it.
For you to have taken the time away from what
must be a very busy schedule, to compose a
letter to a struggling author, shows me you
are a true gentleman, and not just a name on
a letter-head. If only your profession had more
people in it like you, perhaps there would be more
people like me.
Dear James,

Thank you for the prompt reply. It is heartening to
finally find someone in the book trade who speaks a
language I can understand. I had almost given up hope.

Your reasoning is absolutely on track. The person who
had been instrumental in signing me on with Harper was
their editor-in-chief who left the organization last
month. I received my release letter within a few weeks
of that.

Thank you for such an honest and sincere email. It
really meant a lot to me that you took the time to
read through my script and synopsis. There isn't

a doubt in my mind that you are an exceptional

agent after reading your response. A writer is
truly blessed to have someone of your character
representing them. Thanks again for taking the
time to give my script a fair chance among the
multitudes which you probably receive on a
daily basis.


> Dear Mr James,
I understand, I would like to thank you anyway

Hi James, I truly appreciate the quick response
and the thoughtfulness you demonstrate. Your
authors are fortunate indeed. I will continue
to plunge through the obstacle course in
front of me and keep the faith. I wish you
very much success with your agency
and your own writing. It has been a pleasure
to deal with you.
Sincerely, Racine

Thank you very much for not only getting back to me,
but also for your candid feedback. As a new writer, I
shall certainly apply this input to my next effort. It's
been quite a learning experience so far. Thank you
again for being part of it.


Thank you, James, for your consideration of Symphony of the
Purple Dragons. The three agents I have let read the manuscript
basically have felt the way you have--they like the book and
story but not enough to represent it enthusatically. I'll keep
looking, and I will take your suggestion and condense the

I thank you very much for taking time to review this. Maybe
someday down the road our paths may cross again. Until then
I wish you all the best!


Dear Mr. Rouch,

I deeply appreciate your reply and I will keep
on trying. God Bless you and yours.


Realize we don't yet have a signed letter of
agreement, but that's just a matter of one mailing
between you and I, and we've been working like
an agent and writer these past few weeks. You
understand my work, and you've given sound
advice in all matters.

Thank you kindly for your courteous answer. Ellyn.


Dear James
Thank you for taking the time to consider my book.
Your comments were very kind. It is, I guess, the
strange fact of life that people do not like to be the
first to take a risk. I take that point.
I will take your advice and will keep plugging away.
Once again, thank you for your time.
With very best wishes

The English guy is okay with me. This makes twice
now he's taken care of me, once before he even was
my agent. I have no complaints.
Dear James;
Thank you so much for letting me know. I appreciate
this greatly. Keep well.
Sincerely, Racine
Greetings, Mr. Rouch!
Many thanks for having a look at the first
chapters of Veiled Invasion. I'm
sorry that you believe you can't place
the book. I shall, of course, try
elsewhere and hope for the best.
Meanwhile, I wish you a very happy holiday
With regards,
Hi James,
My apologies. Things got too busy here to reply to my
e-mails until now. I am not usually this busy. Thanks
for your kind suggestions. I went through the previous
manuscript and corrected the usage of "said" but I should
have gone through this one too. I will have to do that
when I get a moment. I still have a lot of learning to do.
Your criticism is invaluable. I think I will have to rework
the story completely. Who knows? Perhaps the revised
edition will catch someone's interest. Thanks for
everything and best wishes for the future.
Kindest regards
Dear James,
Thank you so much for considering my book.
I will look at it again in the light of what you say
(about it being more like a play than a book -
if that's what you meant).
Disappointed as I am that you don't want
to go any further with it, I am none the less
most grateful for your seeming openness
to my effort.
Best wishes,
Norman C.
I certainly value your professional diligence and
willingness to give the novel a close look. The
pixilistic writing style tends to strike some people
a bit like the art of Jackson Pollack.
However, J.P. Donleavy uses it to good effect.

We have already had an expression of interest,
which we'll now pursue in good faith.

Again, James, thanks for taking a close look
at our work.

I'm sorry you can't represent Gravedigger, but
I wanted to write and thank
you for your gracious and kind words. I am
also appreciative of your time
and consideration.

That's great. Thanks again. I have to admit your
personal touch is quite refreshing and greatly
appreciated. I think your agency could teach
the folks in the States a thing or two.

Thank you for your kind remarks. It's nice,
when being rejected, to be addressed with
understanding. Certainly, I appreciate
your position. If anything were to
change, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Thank you for your response. Thank you also for
doing what you said you would do--respond quickly!


Dear James

Thank you so much for trying.
Sad that they don't see the books as we do...but
never mind.
All the best to you.

Kind regards

Thanks for such a positive response.


Dear James Rouch,
Thanks for the time and consideration given
to my work.
I do appreciate the care.
Thanks again



I appreciate so much what you just wrote. You
certainly have a way of
explaining things to me in a manner of
professionalism rather than gutteral
critisizm. Drew is a brash New Yorker and
can be a bit insulting...if you
ask me. But on the other hand...he has
had to put up with some of my
immature meltdowns. I guess we all
have our things...

Anyway...I hope you are well and I truly
appreciate your kindness and help.
You have a gift...I'm glad you have
put your talents to use in helping

Thanks again

Thanks for the advice, duly noted. You are one
of the good guys and I wish you all the best that
life [and who knows, maybe thereafter] can offer.

Best regards


James.... I will keep your name in my files, and
tell everyone you are a nice guy......Ed


Hello James,
I have recieved your response. I thank you for
your time and honesty.


Thank you so much for your kind words. I will keep trying,
but I fear you're right about my subject. Historical fiction
doesn't seem to be a big seller right now. I'm working
on several other stories away from that area, so
perhaps I'll have more luck with them. Thanks
again and I appreciate your time

i just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to
write a decent reply and offer some advice. it makes a
change from the usual 'no thanks, not for me...'




Dear Mr. Rouch. THANK YOU! I can't tell you
how much it means simply to have someone
actually reply! I will get the package together
and send it to you in the next couple of days.
I understand that you may already be
overbooked, but I'm just happy to have someone
look at what I've done.
Dear James

I appreciate your quick attention to my work
and your kind, personal reply.
I'm sorry that 'A Kiss Before You Leave Me'
turns out not to be right for
you--but I take heart in your encouraging
remarks and *will* persevere.

Again, my thanks.

Dear Mr. Rouch:

Thank you for your courteous and detailed
response. I am sorry that you cannot locate
a likely publisher. But, do, please, keep this
submission in mind. It is an important one
and the publisher who takes it on will,
I think, be well rewarded for doing so.



Hello James,
Thank you for the kind e-mail. I completely
understand that a semi-autobiographical
novel about drugs and death is probably
not the most enticing work to represent,
especially when it's a first time work.
I do appreciate your response and hope
to submit a manuscript to you in the future.


Hi James--Thank you so much for your time. Your
advice is very helpful and I will certainly follow it.


Dear Mr Rouch

Thank you for your prompt response, and yes
I know it was a long shot but
worth a try! I'm glad you think the idea is
original though. Good luck with
your clients.

Kind Regards

Just a quick note to say thank you for considering
The Bog Fish. While obviously disappointed to
get the manuscript back, I appreciate your
words of encouragement.
All the best. Tim


Thank you for taking the time to read my story and respond.
Even though it isn't right for you, I do find some comfort in
your reply. :-) It's tough to get anyone's attention in this
business so your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.
I will keep working at it! :-)
Take care and thanks again!
Many thanks again for your time and consideration.
ou have a hard job, but you do it with class!

All the best,



Dear James,

Thank you for your constructive criticism. I shall take it
on board and try to improve what I accept as being
uninspiring style. I needed to be given that valuable
guidance and it is much appreciated.

Thank you very much......and now back to work!!

Yours sincerely

Dear James:

Many thanks for your comments, couldn't agree more.

Good luck to you, too.

Thanks for considering GERBIL PATROL. I appreciate
your personal attention. Nice change of pace I must say.
Thanks for the encouragement and I wish you luck as well.
Dear James,

Thanks for your efficient / highly organized
notification. Much appreciated!



Naturally, I was disappointed to learn that you did
not decide to sign on with Commander AND Chief,
but I understand and agree with your sentiment
that an agent needs to be really sold on a work before
he can sell it. I should add that I've never received
a nicer rejection, and thank you for that and your
prompt response.


Dear Mr. Rouch;

A long trip in September and messiness of livelihood
since had kept me from thanking you for the way
you handled my submission to Authors
Management in late August. Would that all
respondents to my pitches were as polite as you have been.


Wow, that was fast. Thanks for taking the time to review
my synopsis.


Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. It's nice to
know there is an agent out there who will!
Hi James,

Again, thanks so much for your time and your speedy
response; you are certainly a high-ranking gentleman
in your industry.

Sorry we didn't click. I will definitely keep you in mind
when I finish up my current project of a romantic love
story set in the 1910 Mexican revolution (sort of Cold
Mountain meets Pancho Villa).

Again, thanks for your time and courtesy,


Dear James

Many thanks for your valued comments and for your

Kind regards,


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